Remember The Titans

February 18, 2011
By Macoy BRONZE, Centrailia, Washington
Macoy BRONZE, Centrailia, Washington
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You’re getting pushed around at T. C. Williams High School why people are arguing whether they should let blacks into the school or not. Then suddenly it turns around all due to the titan’s football team. Well Remember the Titans is an inspirational story about how a football team can turn an arguing town and bring them together.

Remember the Titans is an inspirational sports film stared by Denzel Washington who plays Herman Boone. He takes over a coaching job from a hall of fame candidate Bill Yoast because there was so much racial discrimination directed to the blacks the school board decided to name him the head coach. And then came football camp were Coach Herman Boone tries to bring the team together by bonding with each other and gets through camp with nobody dying. Then on there way to try to conquer the ultimate goal of winning a State Championship they run in to some racial discrimination but they face them with adversity and move on.

Remember the Titans is a great movie that you can sit down with your family and watch. It also is a great history movie that you’ll be able to see how people lived when there was discrimination to black people. The movie was based on a true story which makes it all the better because you know this really happened and you can related it to your own life. It’s also a great team film because the Titan’s football team even though they weren’t the same color of skin they came together worked as a team got through camp and played together in there unusually and interesting way.
Even though Remember the Titans may not be the “new” movie; it’s a great family film that is based on true story and has some inspirational parts and like all movies has its sad part but I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

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