A Midsummer Night's dream

February 25, 2011
By ReynoldsKAE BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
ReynoldsKAE BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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“ Do you love me or not”. That was the burning question in Michael Hoffman’s film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play a midsummer Night’s Dream. The bittersweet romance of the plot kept you on the edge of your chair. I can speak for many people when I say that I was very skeptical about this film. Before the film started I rolled my eyes at how extreme Shakespeare’s themes are. I really didn’t I would enjoy the film version, since I had already created what the characters looked like in my head. I believed it would be unrelatable because of the complex language. This film pleasantly surprised me of how you could understand what they were saying and the meaning behind their words.

The production and direction of it was easy to follow and enjoyable. This adaptation could have turned into a very dark and troubled piece. Instead the director used humor and the lighthearted sense of their love. They really showed the wanting of each lover and how magic can toil with love and the simple nature of it. The real life situations shown how his film could happen in our life. Although we don’t have fairies and sprites controlling whom we love, but we have to believe that there has to be like fate or destiny that moves you supernaturally to your soul mate. I believe that Michael did an amazing job at taking Shakespeare’s complex work and make into a very simple and humorous film that everyone can relate and take away a special meaning behind all the characters and storyline. I applaud the cast and crew of this great film for bringing to life one of my favorite plays of Shakespeare.

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