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A Midsummer Night's Dream

February 25, 2011
By ortiz151 BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
ortiz151 BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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On the cover of the book of the play there was a donkey sleeping on what seemed to be a bush in the middle of the forest. For the entire time up until the donkey made it’s appearance, I was wondering what tricks the director was going to use not only to portray a donkey but make sure the viewers understood the reason behind it and they nailed it. The beauty of taking written work and introducing it to media is displayed perfectly. A lot of times when we’re reading we read with our own voice or create another voice to listen to as we read. A lot of times that will leave the reader making a lot of misconceptions about whatever it is the author was trying to portray. But when text is translated over to media directors work along side the author to help point out exactly what it is the author wanted you to see. Seeing as how A Midsummer’s night Dream is from the Elizabethan era the language is a whole lot different from the way we speak now so even though you might be able to read along in the play you would just be going along with the motions because you wouldn’t be able to understand what it is you’re reading. The movie helps with this 100%, indeed it does use the same script from the play but there are actual people behind the words with emotions and body language that helps to make everything understandable. Every pun, every joke, every quarrel, and every declaration of love was evident in this movie. It’s a classic romantic comedy and I would recommend it to any and everyone but more specifically to any high school student with an assignment to read and interpret this play.

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