March 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Valentin Movie Review

Valentin is a movie about a 8 year old boy named Valentin who lives with his grandmother in Buenos Aires,Argentina.His dream is to become an Astronaut and he even walks around in a space suit he’s made for himself.

Valentin was directed by Alejandro Agresti. In my opinion the movie is funny and touching.
The actor that plays Valentin (Rodrigo Noya) has beady eyes and big cheeks and is the perfect person to play him.Valentin is a smart 8 year old boy who attends a big school in Buenos Aires that makes students wear lab coats. He also lives with his loving grandmother because his mother left him when he was little. His grandmother always calls his mother all kinds of bad names for it.
His father stops by to visit when he has a new girlfriend and Valentin goes crazy over every new girlfriend thinking they could be his new mom..Valentin has a thing for older women and goes on a date with his dad’s new girlfriend Leticia to get to know her. In the end of the movie Leticia and his dad break up and Valentin sets her up with his neighbor Rufo and they live happily together in love. And Valentin’s dream has changed and it’s now to become a writer.
Valentin is a bigger adult then the people around him.

He talks about how he’s okay with school cause his teacher is cute.
Most people he’s around don’t act like adults.
He’s real smart for his age and he’s always building space rockets.
Overall Valentin was a great movie movie.It had humor, it was emotional and just a great movie I would recommend it to anybody.

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