Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

February 21, 2011
By DaniLou SILVER, Perth, Other
DaniLou SILVER, Perth, Other
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Bieber Fever has swept the nation. He has been linked with such Disney stars as Selena Gomez and rubbing shoulders with the newly discovered artist, Jessie J even Jonny Depp has been quoted admitting he is a, “belieber”. The sixteen year old superstar has been appointed the title of the most hated and most loved artist in the world. However, Justin Bieber’s first film, Never Say Never, has been claimed to change the attitudes of many cynics. The one word that springs to mind while watching the tale unfold is, “inspirational”. Surprisingly, unsuspected reactions have been flooding in by critics as they are enjoying the guilty pleasure showing that the film is effecting many around the world, especially teenagers, giving them the encouragement to reach for their dreams and live the life they feel they have been destined to live. The film may not show fully in dept Bieber’s story but it gives you the basic understanding how he accomplished his goals and will keep many fans happy with his continuous catchy tunes being performed throughout.

The nobody started with a passion towards music, the person taught himself the guitar, drums trumpet and piano, this somebody has been transformed into the new teen heartthrob of this generation. The documentary shows Bieber as a child trying to get into the music business and began his journey by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube until he was eventually spied, then stalked, by his soon to be manager, Scooter, who after many tried and failed attempt won over one of the worlds most famous R&B artists, Usher. Then Bieber’s normal average life was unravelled and spun quickly out of control. Now he can barely walk down the street without being attacked by a screaming mob of fan girls who have become obsessed with the young star. With only one in the end to be his future wife, it will leave around seven and a half million Twitter followers in a rage which could result in the extinction of tissues or possibly increase in death. Who could have suspected that a young Canadian from a unpopulated town could have Madison Square Garden in New York fully booked after only twenty-two minutes of tickets being on sale?

What I find truly upsetting and unbelievably extraordinary is how people can hate on Bieber even though he has been able to inspire thousands of youngsters around the world to not give up on their aspirations in life. Bieber is just a normal teenager who has done everything he can to make his dreams possible and to vote his movie 1.1 on IMDb(probably the lowest score for a film of all time) is just barbaric. Yes, some people will not like the film pure and simple but you have to admire him for what he has achieved and how far he has gone to reach his goal. He didn’t just get a lucky break: he has sheer talent. The mixed reactions he gains from the public from those who love hate him, even though he doesn’t always show it, will everyday change who he is inside. What you have to ask yourself is how would you like it if someone watches you die on CSI and writes on Twitter that they wish it would happen in real life? Just like any teenager who hears these horrific immature comments, they will feel hurt inside. He‘s only human; not some super individual that he has been made out to be. Something that struck me while watching the film and made my worry become predominant was when it was admitted that Bieber did not want to turn out like Michael Jackson. Bieber is just a child and everything that happens to him now is going to effect him when he becomes older. His fans and enemies have both judged him in their compete opposed ideas, but they don’t truly know him to go to such lengths as want to marry him or even kill him. In the end if he does become lost in a world that he can‘t get out of: haters, fans and himself will be to blame as everyone effects who he is to become and even having a film out at his age is just pushing him closer in falling off the edge.

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A story which could possibly change your views on the teen sensation, for the better, and it could give you that boost of self-confidence necessary to reach for the stars.

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