Sequel vs. Original

February 21, 2011
Mean Girls, a well known movie, came out with a sequel. ABC Family presents Mean Girls 2.

Jo, an ordinary girl, is new to North Shore High School. The first people she meets are “The Plastics.” “The Plastics” is a group of three girls who are self-centered bullies. Jo rejects the girls’ invitation to become friends, and doesn’t want anything to do with the clique. Instead, Jo becomes friends with a another girl, Abby, who is been enemies with Mandi (the leader of “The Plastics”) and has been ever since they were little kids.

Abby doesn’t have any friends and is a lonely teen. Her father, an extremely wealthy business man, offers Jo money for her college tuition to become friends with Abby. Jo accepts his offer and becomes closer to Abby. Little did she know this would cause conflict in the future.
The whole movie is mainly about Jo and Mandi trying to compete to be the most popular girl in the school, and other unnecessary drama. Slowly, Jo transforms into a “mean girl” without even realizing. The plot is very similar to Mean Girls, a little too similar.

Mean Girls 2 is cliche and predictable. Everything was so expected in the film. You could guess exactly what the characters would say next. The movie was trying too hard to be like the original Mean Girls. The main characters were all Disney stars. It seemed difficult for them to act in a movie with more mature content than they’re used to. I was not convinced with the acting. The young innocent actresses could not pull off the role of snobby, mean, stuck-up brats. The acting was not credible, Mean Girls 2 didn’t portray the reality of high school. While watching this I would think to myself, this does NOT happen in high school. Whereas in Mean Girls they depicted high school perfectly.

One of the best parts of Mean Girls are all the memorable quotes. There are absolutely no quotes worth remembering and reciting in the second one. It was disappointing that this movie didn’t relate or follow up with the first one. In Mean Girls 2 they make no reference to Mean Girls. Nothing is the same except North Shore High School, and Principal Duvall.

The movie was easy to follow because there were no complicated concepts. The story line was straight forward, with no surprises or real irony.

If you don’t watch this movie, you’re not missing out. I took 96 minutes out of my day in hopes to be entertained, but was only let down.

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