Grown Ups

February 16, 2011
The movie “Grown Ups” is an incredibly hilarious movie that’s tons of fun for everyone. This movie is filled with an all-star cast with an endless supply of surprises and laughs. This movie could arguably be one of the funniest movies of the year.

For his cast the director, Dennis Dugan, picked the five funniest comedians and actors that could possibly fit into a movie together. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider round out the cast. Not only do these insanely funny people add their comedy to the movie, they also add a little bit of themselves into each aspect of the movie to take this movie over the edge amazing. Not only is the acting credible, but also the actors have times where they click with each other and create a thrill ride of a movie, which creates nothing more than pure enjoyment for the viewer, as this movie flies by them and their expectations.

As well as the main actors being flawless in “Grown Ups”, the supporting actors do fantastic jobs themselves. It was amazing that they were able to get through their lines and be able to go through each part of the movie keeping a straight face and not breaking out into laughter form the comedy that was being produced.

In “Grown Ups” the main setting is a large old lake view house on a beautiful warm and bright Fourth of July weekend. This is where most of the action and laughs take place. Here is where secrets are told and tension begins to build up in the most hilarious way possible.

The movie starts out with showing the characters as kids playing a middle school championship basketball game. Then it goes to showing each of them in their world today, from Lenny (Adam Sandler) the big shot, to Rob (Rob Schneider) the vegan cougar. Each of them gets a call telling them that their old coach, from their championship game, has now died. The next thing the viewer knows, the five guys are reunited at the funeral and the jokes just keep rolling from there, as they catch up and deal with their families along this hysterical journey. Soon after, they are back at the old summerhouse where they were the night they won the championship and celebrated their victory, but now they have to deal with their families and their progressed age over the years.

Even though this movie is ridiculously funny there are a few drawbacks if the viewer has thought this to be a family movie. In the movie there are a few inappropriate parts such as when Sally Lamonsoff (Maria Bello) breast-feeds her four-year-old boy. Even though nothing is seen, it is still and inappropriate scene for younger viewers. Also, the movie contains the occasional bad word, which makes it even less of a movie for families.

Overall, this movie is entertaining and full of fun for almost everyone. “Grown Ups” was clearly made to try and make any and everyone laugh, and from my perspective the producers, writers, directors, and actors easily succeeded in doing so.

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scoobyskeeper said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 9:54 am
Funniest movie i ever seen
lil boo said...
Feb. 24, 2011 at 9:43 am
ok movie! but hilarious at some point! but a little werid at parts i guess but adam sanler is a great actor
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