Revenge of the Nerds

February 4, 2011
By NERDlover BRONZE, North Anson, Maine
NERDlover BRONZE, North Anson, Maine
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Best friends Louis and Gilbert drive to Adams College together only to see jocks that belong to the fraternity called Alpha Beta have taken over the dorms after they burn down their own dorm house.  To be able to stop having to live in the gym, the freshmen dorm owners must try to get into a fraternity or sorority of their own, but Lewis and Gilbert, along with a several other “ nerds”, are all put down because they are nerds.  Since no one will take them, they decide to start their own fraternity.  However, this still makes them the target for many pranks pulled by the jocks or , and now the nerds are mad and they want revenge!

Revenge of the Nerds may be a bit juvenile and simplistic in its approach, but it is often funny, and that makes this otherwise stupid comedy far better than others that have tried the same formula.  it has become, in my opinion, the funniest film, delivering the message that those sociable “nerds” that usually get picked on, beat up, and excluded from all the "cool" activities are actually a cool bunch of people themselves, once you get to know them. 

Like the nerds themselves, this film might look dorky and not cool from the outside, but it's funny, clever, and quite likeable if you give it a chance.  Good casting and excellent genuinely ormances help immensely.  While not exactly a movie one could call truly good, this is a cult classic worth a look for fans of the 80's movies , dumb comedies that are smart, or anyone feeling a bit nerdy themselves these days.

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