Toy Story 3

February 1, 2011
By , Port Washington, NY
Most of us have gone to our local library with the plan to borrow a DVD. But what do you do when the
movie you had set your hopes on is out? Well, you could submit a request and wait for the librarian to
give you a call informing you that your movie’s finally been returned, but that’s too easy. Now, as most
of us are guilty of doing, we instead find ourselves shrugging our shoulders and walking away, figuring
that it’ll be back on the shelves, ready to be grabbed by our future self.
Time passes, and we find ourselves once again standing in front of the beast. With our sword in
hand, we’re ready to fight to the death for the beloved DVD. But alas, it’s still not there. Now we
wonder, maybe we missed something. Is there another copy? Has it been mishelved? While we soon
find out that the film does indeed have a handful of siblings, our hopes are shattered when, after much
searching through the dense forest of shelves, we find that there is no timid twin trembling behind the
trees of other DVDs.
Of course, stubbornness will prevail, and we’ll keep coming back. But eventually, we have to
admit that this time, the video’s just too slippery to catch hold of. For there’s always that one movie, the
special anomaly that’s only produced every once in a blue moon, the all-time hit that goes down in the
books, forever labeled as one of those classics.
Only on the shelves for a few seconds before being snatched by greedy hands both gnarled and
smooth, Toy Story 3 is that smash hit. Making its debut on June 18, 2010, feet across the country, are
still scuttling about, compelled by an irrepressible desire to gain possession of Disney/Pixar’s precious.
But what is it that makes this movie so tantalizingly irresistible? Is it the epic plot? The
animation? The already preeminent status of its predecessors? Or a combination of all three?
Whatever it may be, we can all agree that this movie will stand tall as one of those noble links
between generations. Despite the taboo around watching children’s films, Toy Story 3 will not be
drowned in the criticism of crotchety old bags who feel that movies made for children are, well, for
children. In truth, the Toy Story Trilogy will, for years to come, be considered as more than just a guilty
pleasure for the older generations.
A treat for all ages, our friends Woody and Buzz will remain in the
hearts of both the young and old for many years to come.

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