The Green Mile

January 1, 2011
By TwoFace17 GOLD, Sioux City, Iowa
TwoFace17 GOLD, Sioux City, Iowa
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I enjoyed Stephen King's serial novel and I enjoyed this as well. Stephen King weaves his best story with The Green Mile. I use to support the death penalty, but my view has changed because of the book series and the movie. Whether they be rapists or killers, they are still people and maybe even with loved ones. The maximum sentence in my opinion should be life in jail. Delacroix did a horrible thing by being a rapist. The movie did an excellent job of making you feel bad for him. His whole demeanor changed and how he acted with the mouse Mr. Jingles was enjoyable to watch. It was easy to feel bad for him when Percy stepped on Mr. Jingles, when Percy told him that Mr. Jingles would not go to a mouse circus when he died like Paul told him, and when Percy botched up his execution. You know what, I really hate Percy. Even though the man with magical powers John Coffey didn't care about being executed even though he never killed and raped the two little girls, I was still sad and I admit that I was crying. Anyone who thinks that males crying is wrong, they must have no heart at all.

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