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December 22, 2010
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The most anticipated movie of the summer has arrived and boy did it deliver! Nolan’s latest work “Inception,” is said to be the greatest movie of the summer if not the entire year, with its all star cast and intricate storyline this movie seemed almost destined for greatness.

First a warning to all you movie lovers who will flock in dozens to see this latest blockbuster smash, go easy on the coca cola and avoid trips to the confectionary stand at all costs, if you miss even a moment of inception you will find yourself struggling behind trying to figure out what the heck just happened?! This two and a half hour film epic is a mental gymnasium from scene one and by the end your head will be reeling with questions and the possibility of “Inception” itself.

In very simple terms, “Inception,” is what could happen in a person’s dream.
In the movie Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio (Titanic) plays alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt (500 Days Of Summer,” as the story centres on a team of thieves led by Cobb (Dicaprio) who deal in stealing secrets and information from people’s minds. Whilst the target is asleep they “break into” their dream and steal the information they are seeking. This is of course an illegal profession making Cobb a wanted criminal in the US. Having spent years away from home and his children Cobb jumps at the opportunity of clearing his name and starting his life over as a dangerous task presents itself, Inception.

Inception is the planting of an idea in a person’s mind instead of the extraction of one, which Cobb and his team specialize in. The result? A mind boggling journey through the world of dreams and the complexities of the human mind which will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you begging for more.

Alongside Dicaprio and Levitt, film legend Michael Caine, Juno’s Ellen Page and possibly most entertaining of all is Tom Hardy (Bronson) who not only creates all kinds of chaos and explosions but adds comedy to the movie spectacular.

Thrilling, dramatic and bloody well fantastic from beginning to end (which might I add may leave you a little thirsty for more) City scapes bending over backwards, zero gravity fight scenes and entire mountains crumbling to dust is just SOME of what you’re in for.

Nolan certainly had his work cut out for him in following the 2008 action smash, “The Dark Knight,” but he truly has outdone himself. Taking such a strong cast and catapulting them into the intricate and complex world of the human mind “Inception,” in my book is the most visually impressive and intelligent movie we will see this year.

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