Elf the Movie

December 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Would you ever want to have a laugh with your family one night? Well if you do Elf is for you.

Elf is a comedy. Elf is about a guy named “Buddy” (Will Farrell) sneaks into Santa’s sack when Santa visits the orphanage. The story begins when Buddy was just a little boy. After Santa’s trip, Santa got back and saw his big red bag moving. And there was Buddy smiling at Santa.

When Buddy got older he went to New York City to visit his real dad.

Buddy was a curious and funny person in the movie. He was funny in the movie because he did a lot in the movie that was fumy like ate syrup with spaghetti

He was curious because he always wants to know what was going on.

My favorite part of the move is when he first gets to New York City and he sees a guy all dressed in red suit. The buddy said “Santa! Santa! Santa!” But it wasn’t Santa.

Another part I liked was when Buddy jumped on their Christmas tree.

I would recommend this movie to friends and family.

To find out the end watch the movie.

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