December 14, 2010
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“It's a curse” is Matt Damon's character George's main line.

Hereafter is now playing in the movies. Director, Clint Eastwood, starts the movie by showing all three main characters' lives: George, a brunette haired American man, who has a special connection to the afterlife; Marie, is a blonde haired French journalist who experiences a near death situation; lastly, Marcus is a young boy who lives in London who loses his brother. All three of these people will meet on their journeys to understand what they believe exists in the hereafter.

Even though the movie is really entertaining and outgoing, it is not a perfect nine out of ten. The movie was a little dry at times while the producer was showing the characters lives. The movie takes a lot of twists and turns that might upset some people because of their false acquisitions. Also, the ending to the movie is left wide open to people, who might then be confused and frustrated about not knowing how the movie ends.

Hereafter is a modern day setting and it has a really good plot. The movie seems predictable, until it takes a twisted turn. Eastwood succeeds in making it clear when the movie was changing scenes from character to character. He also does a great job showing the details in every main characters' lives. George thinks his skill is a curse, while his brother thinks it is a green moneymaker. Marie has flashes of the hereafter and believes it exists. Marcus wants to talk one last time to his brother who was killed. Some people may say that how they end up meeting is fate, and others just might say that it is destiny.

The bottom line is that the movie is highly entertaining with a lot of emotional parts, has a well-thought out script, and includes a finale that will leave people's minds open and in good spirits. Overall, the movie is great. It is definitely a movie to go watch with a parent or a friend. The great finale will leave a lot people wondering whether Hereafter is truly real or whether life is just a mouse in a maze with no complete answer of getting out.

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