Burlesque- And Why It's Amazing

December 6, 2010
By , West Chester, OH
Anyone who watches T.V. has seen the previews for Burlesque, starring Academy Award winner Cher, and making her movie debut, Christina Aguilera. The previews depict a somewhat "racy" dancing club, or a Burlesque club. Aguilera plays a smalltown girl who escapes the restrictions of rural life. She goes to LA to seek her dreams of becoming a singer. I know that this story line is very common but this amazing story has so many tiny details that make it different from anything Ive ever seen.
In the music business most of the time all it takes is a pretty face and a half decent voice to get an album to go Platinum. And unfortunatley when people find an amazing talent they hide it with music that Hollywood deems as "good". But the music from the voices that shaped the music industry, like Frank Sinatra or Etta James, is the music that has meaning and a singer with a meaningful voice should sing meaningful songs. In Burlesque Aguilera accents her amazing voice with songs that showcase empowerment and ambition. This movie redefines music and what songs are actually "good". I hope every single girl goes out and sees this movie, because you will be speechless by the end by all the amazing music.

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