November 13, 2010
By MysticWater GOLD, Sandy, Utah
MysticWater GOLD, Sandy, Utah
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i love how people say water has no taste... it tastes like water!

the movie Skyline, which was just released in my state yesterday 11-12-10, was complete nonsense! The best part of that movie was the beginning and the credits. You start off with the "aliens" invaliding, then you're thrust back 15 hours prior which could truly be summed up as "a useless waste of money". The best it gave you was how the guy was on the floor, and what apartment they were in. The effects of that movie was what made it okay to sit through. The aliens i will give props for, the fact they looked like robots covered in skin was freaky. The plot of the movie made no since. You had no idea what the Aliens were truly there for, yes they wiped out the human race, but why? You had no intellectual communication with them, only the fact if you looked into the light, you became a slave.
with that said, they put all of their money into the effects. The acting was poor, and could have used some serious changes with out the cliche, "we'll be right back" "it's me, really" like lines. Okay we get it. You're at war with a species you don't know. it is so over rated! this movie was one i do not recommend at all! I wish i could get my money back! The ending was the worst of the whole stupid movie! warning this will spoil the movie!

Okay so you get sucked up into the main ship right? well it should have ended there! No, you see all the people inside getting their brains eaten. Can you say zombie much? and the fact the main guy "Jaren" was somehow different enough to take over one of the aliens, is beyond belief! I would rather have the whole race killed off and it end there, then leave an opening for a second piece of crap to come out!
Please if you know what is good for your imagination of classic alien invasion, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE.

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