M. Night Shamylan's Devil

November 11, 2010
The movie “Devil” directed by John Erik Dowdle was released September 17, 2010. There were not any big Hollywood stars in the movie. Besides the fact that there were not any stars, the movie made some money. “Devil” brought in $13 million the first weekend, and over all it made $30 million. Since the movie cost $10 million to make, it was very successful.

The advertisement for this movie was probably the reason why it was so successful. The commercials built up the movie and made it look pretty scary. The commercial showed a girl screaming, ”Turn on the lights,” then a guy lit a match ;and behind the man you saw a devilish, scary, creature or demon-like-thing. This scene was one of the two big scenes in the movie.
When a viewer saw these commercials they would be expecting a very scary horror movie. Instead the audience got a non-scary thriller mystery movie with a message built in. “Devil” was more of a thriller mystery than a horror film.
The movie was a pretty good mystery and had a great twist, but it was not scary. Throughout the entire movie only one scene would make a viewer jump only because a person popped out. On top of the movie not being scary, it had a message or moral to it. There were basically two morals or messages that the movie had; they were, “It’s better to tell the truth than lie,” and, “One can not escape their past,”. The audience walked away from the movie thinking of all the things they have done in their life.
Overall “Devil” was very disappointing for the advertisements led one to believe that the movie was scary. Also the viewer walked away thinking of what they have done in their life; instead of thinking who is going to jump out and kill them like a real horror film does.

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Nicole A. said...
Dec. 6, 2010 at 10:57 am
nice umm...review very desciptive ...you made me interested in watching the movie, also i commented on yours so (comment on mine :wink,wink )
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