Easy A

October 28, 2010
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Out of all the movies that I have seen recently I honestly have to say that Easy A is one of the better movies that I have seen. It had a little bit of everything from comedy to drama. It appealed to any type of person. Bert Royal did a great job with the script, as there were so many things that had me laughing so hard that I almost fell out of my seat. The acting in the movie was also perfect.

I really like the strong acting performances by Emma Stone as Olive, Amanda Bynes as Marianne and Aly Michalka as Olive’s best friend Rhiannon. All 3 girls fit their roles perfectly. Aly Michalka who used to star on Disney channel stepped out of her comfort zone and did an excellent job as playing Olive’s boy crazy, outgoing friend. Amanda Bynes did an excellent job with her part as the extremely religious rival/friend of Olive. Finally, Emma Stone. She took the part of Olive and made it her own. As a viewer I felt like she was talking to audience throughout the movie and tried to get them involved. It really made the viewer more into the movie.

Besides the excellent acting in this movie there was also a plot that I feel that many teens can relate to. I’m not saying many teens can relate to pretending to have sex with multiple men for money and other gifts, but I’m saying a lot of teens can relate to telling someone something and then having the whole school find out. I feel that that has happened to most teens in High School. You tell one person one thing then the next thing you know it’s blown out of proportion and all of sudden the whole schools know. This movie was a teenage version of the famous novel The Scarlet Letter. There are many references to this book throughout the movie. Olive wears an “A” on her chest just like Hester. Also the movie makes a lot of direct references to the book. This is a great movie for any High School student to go see as most of them can relate, and also I highly recommend it if you are reading the book The Scarlet Letter.

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