Easy A Movie Review

October 28, 2010
By aaroncm BRONZE, Congers, New York
aaroncm BRONZE, Congers, New York
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Easy A flaunted itself as the hottest new teen movie. While the movie had some entertainment value, it did not depict a high school image that is relatable. The plot itself seems entirely farfetched, and the jokes are somewhat corny and repetitious.

The movie shows a modern interpretation of how a little white lie can turn brutally wrong. In the story the main character olive, played by emma stone pretends to sleep around with boys in her school. This turns horribly wrong when everyone believes she's a flirt and a tease, and she forms many new enemies who are out to destroy her reputation. This novel flaunts scandal,romance, and humor into one new high school comedy.

While the movie is amusing, it does seem extremely fictional. In a practical sense, there aren't many high school girls who would be willing to tell everyone she slept with a loser. Also, the stereotypical trashy girl that Olive represents would not be so popular with boy, but rather turned away. They also added an element where Lisa Kudrow's character sleeps with a student. The chances of this also happening are also very slim. Overall, when people think of high school they don't think of a bunch of teenagers who's entire life revolves around sex and rumors, which is exactly what this movie portrays.

Finally I am obligated to mention the movie's link to the Scarlet Letter. Both do share a similar theme of scandal , sin and redemption, however Easy A offers a more modern interpretation. With the changing of the times u can see how the way sex was viewed in the puritan age is very different than that now a days. The movie incorporates the scarlet letter a as an obvious link to the book, where it means redemption for ones wrong doings.

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