Easy A

October 28, 2010
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Easy A. Just hearing it reminds you of school and grades that you need to succeed. If you’re like Olive Pendergast, then that would be high school. Olive is one of those students that’s just invisible to everyone around her, even to her best friend Rhiannon who ignores half of what she says. This feeling is comparatively felt in many high school students at least once during their high school career, making this movie easy for high school students to relate to. Olive Pendergast had a perfect reputation but that was soon to change with one little white lie.

Olive told one lie that was soon escalated and her flawless reputation is her ruined as she becomes labeled as the tramp of the school. But no one hears her side of the story. They all rush to condemn her, especially the school worship group. And for what? All she tried to do was help make the unpopular and invisible boys have the reputation that they craved. When she tries to turn things around, she can’t even get her respect back.

Olive realizes that her own life is paralleling that of the character Hester Pyrnne’s in the classic novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne which is ironically being read in Olive’s English class. There is flow of references to the novel in Easy A, as Olive applies it to her life, from Olive’s very own “A” stitched to all her clothing to the redemption that follows. Society refuses to see Olive’s inner beauty and only sees the wrong that she didn’t even commit. By allowing the viewers to see the flaws of society, it makes them sympathize with Olive and relate to her.

One of the best parts of Easy A was the humor that was kept throughout the entire movie. This was a movie that kept you laughing to end. It keeps you hoping that Olive will get her life back in order and that maybe she will find her own prince. This movie is highly recommended to go and see. And after that to watch it again and again.

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