Easy A

October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

"Easy A" is the classic story in which one little lie, one little rumor, turns into a huge scandal. In the movie, the main character, Olive is practically invisible to her classmates. She goes about life without any attention from anyone. However, this all changed. Olive spends the weekend alone at her house to avoid having to go on a camping trip with her best friend and her friends nudist parents. She lies to her friend saying that she's meeting up with a "college boy." When olive and her friend meet up on monday, her friend misunderstands and thinks that Olive lost her virginity to the fake college guy. This rumor gets spread and gives Olive a little bit more notice. However, it started up again with just a good deed. She helps out a friend who is gay, and because of that he was tormented by his peers everyday. So Olive and her gay friend have an "imaginary fling." Although this allowed her friend an easier life, it gave her the unfortunate reputation of the school slut, because two "flings" may make a guy a legend, but it makes a girl becomes totally disrespected and taken advantage of. This continues so that other less popular guys come to Olive, paying her to say that she did random acts of intimacy with them. As Olive's reputation worsens, she decides to embrace it and even embroiders a red 'A' on her very inappropriate shirts to announce that she is indeed, a slut. The story wraps up quickly with a traditional happy ending in which everyone finds out the truth and she lives happily ever after with her dream boyfriend.

Although Easy A suffered from "cliche-ness" towards the end, overall, it was an amazing film. The characters were extremely well developed and I'm sure they were relatable for some, and likable for everybody. The plot line was original with an interesting point of view because Olive was telling the story on a webcam, which we later find out is actually her admitting the truth to her peers. The idea was very original, and very modern for todays teens. Easy A is full of funny moments thats literally make people laugh at loud. It was interesting to see how Easy A is based off the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, although I was in the middle of reading the novel, and Olive's summary of the book ruined the ending for me. Otherwise, the film was extremely entertaining, and I would recommend it for anybody.

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