Easy A

October 27, 2010
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“Easy A” is a comedy about an unknown high school girl, Olive Prenderghast played by Emma Stone, who becomes the object of a malicious rumor. When Olive’s best friend, Rhia, invites her over to have dinner with her parents, Olive wants to decline politely: by telling Rhia that she has a hot date with a college boy. Of course, the next day, Rhia pesters Olive about the date, which never happened, and so she is forced to tell another lie: that she lost her virginity and that he was great in bed. It just so happens that Marianne, a Christian advocate, overhears and condemns Olive for her actions. The lie spreads fast, and now Olive is known as being easy, experienced, and a temptress. Olive soon finds out that she can use this rumor to her advantage by improving her social status and by gaining gift cards to her favorite places in return for being “used.”
Based loosely off of the book, The Scarlet Letter, Stone soon finds that her life is much like Hester’s: she is being judged by people who don’t understand her situation. Stone then starts dressing like what the rumors portray her as while wearing a red letter “A” on each of her new corsets. As soon as she does this she plays the role of Hester, a woman who is misunderstood, but still helps the needy. In Stone’s case, the needy are the unknown high school students who have “slept” with Olive and now have a modest reputation in school.
Stone becomes a character that stays true to herself while pretending to be somebody else. With Stone playing Olive, she easily becomes a character that the audience is captivated by and starts to sympathize with.
“Easy A” is a movie that many teenagers can relate to. They can feel Stone’s pain in becoming the most talked about person in school to losing a friend to being the most scorned person in school. Of course, being a teenager, Olive’s many actions and comments are stupid yet hilarious. The plot of this movie is very predictable, but because it is a genuine comedy that will get you laughing, it’s definitely worth watching.

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