The Last Song

October 15, 2010
By , Hutchinson, MN
Nicholas Sparks has truly outdone himself again with a tear jerking novel turned into a movie. “The Last Song” captured the hearts of many with being a love story and a film about how a father and daughter reconnect through music.
The film is about a young girl, Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), who is sent to live with her father for the summer in a beach home in North Carolina. Her father (Greg Kinnear) use to be a composer at Julliard in New York, and he also use to teach Ronnie how to play the piano. Ronnie though quit playing once her father had left her and her brother with their mother in New York to go live in North Carolina. Throughout the film Ronnie’s father tries reconnecting with her in order to have her regain her love for playing and go to Julliard like she always dreamed. Ronnie though choose to rebel, until she met Will (Liam Hemsworth). Will shows Ronnie that she does not need to rebel in order to be happy, and that she should listen to her father and love life again. Throughout the summer their relationship grows and Ronnie finds a love that she never thought existed. Ronnie begins to reconnect with her father, but then her father’s cancer starts to reach an all time high. He soon starts to fade and Ronnie must use their newfound relationship to keep her other loved ones together.
This movie lived up to all of its standards. Nicholas Sparks knows how to make a love story yank on your heartstrings. “The Last Song” novel and movie both were remarkable in the way they told of a love story and a father daughters’ love for music.

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