Jhootha hi sahi: True to its purpose

October 25, 2010
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Well, I read its reviews before watching it for a better understanding. better:They were mostly unfavorable. So I watched the movie with these notions. And my opinion changed as I saw it.

The story is tried and tested for sure: The actress knows two persons, which are in fact the same person(the hero). She falls in love with one of them. Then the hero's obvious dilemma of when to end this double existence, the actress discovering the truth and the inevitable, predictable ending with both hugging and kissing each other. But the one thing that made the film refreshing was the dialogues.

One hardly has a natural laugh on the humor shown in today's movies. But 'Jhootha hi sahi' does exactly that. The casting was wise; though there was no necessity for the gay angle. John Abraham still hasn't matured as an actor. He still lacks the ability to aptly show his expressions in situations involving intensity, be it comedy or emotions. He sounds the same all the time: An M.B.A. Pakhi was equally disappointing. She kept showing her teeth even where a smile or staying normal was sufficient. But the supporting actors kept the story's pace, especially Raghu and Aliya. They made up for the poor acting by the lead pair. The background score was appropriate and blended well with the movie. The track 'Pam para' was unnecessary though; it wouldn't make an iota of a difference even if it was not a part of the film. There was little room for the London scenery as the camera focused on the characters for most of the time just like 'Jaane tu ya jaane na'. The climax too had similarities with 'Jaane tu...'. But I would still recommend it for the fresh entertainment it offers.

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