The Last Exorcism

October 14, 2010
By Izamar Caro BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
Izamar Caro BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
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The last exorcism is a thrilling film for anyone that likes a little bit of adrenalin! The movie premiered Aug 27th with a lot of views nation wide. The director of the last exorcism is Daniel Stamms. He made this film in a way that you can not expect what’s going to happen next. A preacher (Patrick Fabian) lives in a city and works as father that fakes exorcisms. He believes that if he can make the person that “supposable” has the devil inside, believe the devil is out, they will never feel the “demon” inside again.

In a small ranch in Louisiana a very worried father contacts the preacher because he believes that his 15 year old daughter has the demon inside of her. When he arrives he meets Nell (Ashley Bell) and she seems like a very peaceful girl. Though he soon finds out that the situation is much more serious then what he thought. He gets ready to do the ceremony with crosses and other fake tools used to make the ceremony feel real. When he is finished he gets paid and the Nell’s father gives him a lot of thanks. That same night though, something goes wrong.

The devil seems to actually be in Nell and is becoming more powerful. He doesn’t want to let Nell go with out a fight. The priest goes back to the ranch and tries to do another exorcism because of the demand of Nell’s father. Everything Nell drew in a painting would actually happen. Towards the end of the film things start to get a little confusing. The person that actually had the demon all the time wasn’t Nell, but her brother Caleb (Caleb Landry Jones). He made everyone believe that Nell was the one that had the devil. At the end Nell draws a painting of the priest, a woman that interviewed the family, and the camera guy. At the end of the movie Just like the painting said all three of them die.

The Last Exorcism is an amazing movie with great characters and awesome scenes! The movie is really realistic and has a lot of great moments. Ashley Bell who played Nell in the film did an excellent job. In many scenes she had to make herself twist her back backwards. She had no help of any special effects it was all her. The Last Exorcism is a very well thought out film that has a lot to say and I hope they make another movie like it. I recommend this movie to everyone.

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on Nov. 11 2011 at 1:32 pm
MickeysMinnie BRONZE, Klawock, Alaska
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This movie scared me & my friends. We were scared for weeks. Chills



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