Iron Man 2

October 14, 2010
By Alex Baca BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Alex Baca BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Iron Man 2 begins off from the ending of the first movie which Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. is telling the press about who he is. Mickey Rourke who plays as Ivan Vanko which is a scientist that despise tony stark and becomes the villain of the movie as whiplash. The movie starts out immediately in action which for anyone who likes action movies this is the movie for them. Tony stark and Whiplash first meet up at a race track where things go terribly wrong while Tony Stark is not prepared. If you are a fan of marvel comics or Iron man this is definitely for you. The plot behind the movie is well thought out and has great special effects although most of the movie is using the effects. The acting is superb they casted an amazing set of people for the rolls.

The movies budget was around 170 million to 200 million dollars which you can tell that this movie had a huge budget. Iron Man 2 grossed in around 622 million dollars and got number 1 in the box office at the time. Jon Favreau who directed this movie also played a roll in the movie as Tony Stark’s personal driver. He has also directed other movies like Elf and the first Iron man of the trilogy that is going to be released. There are very few negative things that I can say is they focused a little too much on how the special effects would look and not on the story even though they still did an amazing job.

To wrap up what I think about this movie is that the majority of the things that this movie has to offer are superior then the negative things in this movie. In my opinion if you want a entertaining movie for the family and friends this is it. The DVD is out now for 20.00 dollars at the majority of stores and is a definite buy you wont be disappointed in this choice.

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