October 12, 2010
By apprentice BRONZE, Indore, Other
apprentice BRONZE, Indore, Other
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The moment I came out of the movie hall,my head felt lighter. I was satisfied. I felt the movie was worth the money I gave. All in all, 'Robot' is a complete entertainer.
The movie does have a bottomline repeated for the umpteenth time which says,"Machines can either be your friends or enemies; depends on how they are used." But because of the fact that this message is exhaustively tried and tested, one hardly notices it. The story is very straightforward. A scientist(Rajnikanth)creates an android Chitti, which can perform every work that a human does more efficiently than the humans. Afterwords, he feeds emotions into it due to which it starts loving scientist's love interest(Aishwarya Rai Bachhan). The scientist destroys and dumps it in a waste site, from where it is picked up by another scientist(Danny) who is jealous of him and programs it inot an upgraded and 'bad' version. The movie ends, after considerable fighting, with the dismantling of the robot.
Actually, the part before the interval is more engaging because of the pace with which the story moves and the special effects used, the USP of the movie. The other half includes the typical Indian film situations, villain kidnapping the heroine with intentions full of lust and the hero finally saving her of the disgrace. Robot is the biggest-budgeted Indian movie till date, with a budget of Rs.160 crores.It's the first movie of its kind in India in the sci-fi genre.

Rajnikanth looks older than his co-star(It's been a long time since Aishwarya looked younger than her co-star). Obviously he is no Big B or Nasiruddin Shah, but has his unique style for which he is adored in the South Indian film industry. He carries the movie single-handedly on his shoulders,keeps the audience interested and the momentum going. He looks full of energy when he plays the Chitti part. The one thing which I kept asking myself was,"What is Aishwarya doing in the movie?" She has no significant role in the movie save crying and laughing and dancing around. Any other actress could have done that part.

The camera work was OK, but was supplemented by brilliant special effects. The background score and music by A.R.Rahman was not as I thought; but nonetheless both had the 'different' element that characterizes him.

So I would strongly recommend this movie if you are looking for some entertainment. It will give you more than 'some'thing.

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