September 2, 2010
By glamdesi BRONZE, Falls Church, Virginia
glamdesi BRONZE, Falls Church, Virginia
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Aspergers syndrome is defined as “an autism spectrum disorder, and people with it therefore show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests”, but what so many people don`t understand is that it is so much more than that, it is more than just a scientific definition. In the movie “Adam” One man’s journey of living with Aspergers is explored, through his relationship with a girl that is not affected by Asperbers.

In the movie ”Adam” the story takes place in New York city, where Adam and his Father where living together until his Father dies and Adam is faced with the challenge of living on his own. Adam soon meets Beth Buchwald who sends his world into a whirl wind. She helps Adam to find himself get a job and through helping Adam she helps herself let go of the grasp her Father has had on her.

Hugh Dance who plays Adam is magnificent in this role. He made very bold character choices that paid off in a positive way. High completely lived inside this character, he took time to make subtle choices to depict the symptoms of Asperger`s, such as the lack of eye contact, and the social awkwardness. Hugh really gave the Character Adam life and made you fall in love with this man. Rose Byrne the actor that played Beth Buchwald also did a fantastic time playing her character as well, she was able to hold her own in a movie with a very well seasoned actor. Rose brought simplicity to a person that could have easily become so complex due to her circumstances. I believe this aloud her costars character Adam to become as complex as the movie needed him to be,

. These movies was very simple but not to simple were it was boring, it was simple enough to where you weren’t blinded by the dramatizations and fabrications of Hollywood but where you could see the issue at hand. The affects of Asperger`s affects thousands of people all over the world, but we cannot let the definition of the word define these people we must let the people define Aspergers

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I love this movie and I would like all of you to watch it to give you a diffrent outlook on how you see the world

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I love this movie. I have aspergers too


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