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August 20, 2010
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Be very, very, very afraid if you wish to go to the theater during April 2012. Even better, dodge a half mile radius of the cinema, if you can. Because, if your hoping to go see a movie just for you, a few mates or girlfriend/boyfriend to chill and relax, have a pleasant- taking it easy- time, then, do not go to the theater. I repeat, “DO NOT GO TO THE THEATER!” As ‘chill’ and ’relax’ will be nonexistent at the pictures during this time. However, if you wish to witness thousands of screaming females(the doted male, poor guy, who has probably been dragged by his over excited girlfriend), echoes of shrieks and squeaks sparkling across the hall like wildfire. The chewing and chopping of salt and sweet popcorn as they wait impatiently in the queue, dying to flick on their blue and red 3D specks, then by all means, go!

What’s to cause this chaotic commotion, you ask? Titanic in 3D, that’s what. Either squeaks of glee or rolls of eyes will occur when people hear this news. I personally hope to hear the happiness, from all over the world, echoing into my bedroom window. The re-vamped film is set to be released for the 100 years anniversary of the Titanic’s fist voyage. It will be a very strange, yet an extraordinary contrast, to watch a movie-set in 1912-having 3D elements, which people in that time probably never thought to be possible. It will amazing to be able to see Titanic on the big screen, once again, never mind the new three dimensional view!

After its splendid reception, back in 1997, and receiving an extraordinary 11 Oscars it is only fair to adapt Titanic to the enhancing features of 3D technologies so the legacy can continue chugging on. Titanic is the most overwhelming romance movie that has ever been realised in the world, that may sound extremely far fetched but it is indeed true, honestly. It was the highest grossing film of all time, until in 2009, James Cameron’s( the same scriptwriter and director of Titanic) Avatar bet it to the top spot(I bet Cameron is well chuffed with himself).

In the first half of the movie, ‘aw’s’,‘ooh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ will sweep sweetly throughout the room, and contented smiles will radiance against the screen. However, this cheery scene will be like a faded memory an hour and a half later as the pleasurable bliss will be immediately replaced by gasps and shear looks of terror as the second half begins. You may believe things will eventually get better, but your wrong there pal, very wrong indeed. As the movie concludes to the final scenes there will not be a single dry eye in the house(yes, even you lads, so make sure your prepared!) When the final music drifts to a killer silence the audience will still be lodged, fixated to their seats, everyone lost in there own morbid thoughts.

The film begins at the present time, were a team of investigators are searching for a heart shaped necklace in the rubble of a destroyed ship at the bottom of the ocean; the once ironically ‘unsinkable’ Titanic. The investigators however cannot find the ‘heart of the ocean’ diamond necklace, instead they find a drawing of a naked women, from 1912. A very old women believes that she is the girl pictured in the drawing and so she describes her tale, transports us into the world of the past, when the Titanic was on its first voyage to New York. We witness a beautiful love unfold when Rose,(Kate Winslet) an upper class who is being forced to marry an evil man of wealth, and Jack,( Leonardo DiCaprio) a working class citizen who lives life on the edge, realise that they have found their soulmate. However, will Rose’s upper class mother and friends be able to accept her love for a working class? Will Rose’s fiancée break her and Jack apart? But, most crucially, will they be able to survive the terrible disaster of the Titanic?

Your attention will be immediately captured from the first moment and will not loosen your grip until the last scene fades into black. You will feel such overwhelming emotion towards the characters as you watch as a possible happily ever after tale disintegrates, as quickly as it appeared, in front of your eyes. Even though it is a love story, do not be put of, the action and suspense is endless. Some scenes in the film have actually captured the real remains of the Titanic and, a replica of the magnificent ship was build specifically for this movie. It is very upsetting that, even though the love story of Rose and Jack is fiction, the truly awful Titanic disaster actually did happen and killed many people, also, it shows how different classes of society are treated differentially. I’m sure this eye-opener of death and disrespect was something that Cameron wanted to convey in the movie.

I must admit that I only had the pleasure of watching Titanic for the first time yesterday( I’m not embarrassed to say that I lost counts of how many times I wept) all because I heard the news about the film being made into 3D and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So, I hope if you are a first timer, like me, then you take the time out to watch Titanic because, you will see it soar onto your top five favourite movies-of-all-time list, and it will enter a special place in your heart, like it has mine. One more fan will be added to the never ending list and one more seat will be reserved at the cinema for the grand opening in April 2012.

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Medina D. said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 2:36 pm

i used to love this movie. Now i think it's too dramatic & depressing.

Kate Winslet later starred in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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