Twilight Saga: Eclipse

August 12, 2010
It was a regular Saturday afternoon and a couple of my friends and I were going to go see a movie. Because of the previous years of when we'd watch the "Saga" together and interest developed by the mixed reviews of the third movie in the series, we went to go see Eclipse.

I have read all of the books in the Twilight series, and for a brief amount of time (before I'd seen the movies), I considered myself a bit of a fan. Even after I didn't, I've still compared the movies to the books I somewhat enjoyed.

So far, I considered Twilight to be unintentionally, yet hilariously horrible, and New Moon to be an actual good movie I had enjoyed. From what I had heard about Eclipse, it would either be amazing or just as terrible (or even worse) than the first movie. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this movie, but eventually my opinion had taken to the latter.

The movie started out with a bit of excitement and intrigue, but the "romance" scene after basically distracts from the mystery you just witnessed because of how awkward it is.

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson have yet again made me feel awkward, strange, and like I just walked in to two eleven year olds having their first kiss while at the same time making faces like they ate too many Sour Patch Kids at once. While yes, Edward does need some restraint when getting "intimate" with Bella (cause she just smells THAT good), the two of them always seem like they're in pain when they're with each other and I don't see any development in their relationship and closeness other than he's not trying to take a bite out of her every five minutes. Even my favorite scene in the book that was humorous, but at the same time cute, where Edward gets to propose the old-fashioned way and gets a little giddy is turned into a "serious" scene which ultimately means it was awkward and boring yet painful to watch.

But, another good 'ol Twilight constant was in Eclipse: a weak protagonist. Bella doesn't really seem to do much throughout the movie than bounce back and forth between Jacob and Edward like a ping pong ball. It's very rare that anyone asks/cares for her opinion and even rarer that it even matters. And it's not until the second to last scene that Bella really does anything important. Also, with this whole Jacob/Edward conflict, Bella didn't really seem to care much through her actions. Less than thirty seconds after she reveals to Jacob that she is marrying Edward, she kisses him just so he doesn't walk away angry. Nice "loyalty" Bella.

The script for this movie also wants to make poor Edward have no real reason for Bella to be with him other than she loves him. Jacob constantly reminds Bella of all the reasons why she should be with him (such as she wouldn't have to leave her family or change herself) and the sole reason for her to be with Edward was: she loves him. The conflict was much too imbalanced because you didn't really hear much of reason from Edward's side as you did Jacob's.

Taylor Lautner's character did bring a bit of refreshment to the movie with his wit and new "cocky" swagger. I did enjoy some of the scenes he was in, including his conversations with Edward, but that wasn't really enough to make me enjoy the movie.

The film was also slowed down by the background stories of some of the other supporting characters. We learn how Jasper and Rosalie become apart of the Cullen family, but that's it. Its function may be to see the characters in a different, more positive light, but all I really did was detest Rosalie a slight bit less and get confused by the Southern accent Jasper blatantly uses for the second half of the movie after we learn about his Texan background.

The movie's last (and only) fight scene was a bit exciting. The special effects were much better than they were in the previous movies, but because of the noise of shattering glass that vampires make when they are "killed", this werewolf/vampire fight, just reminded me of puppies playing around with the glass figurines that sit on your grandmother's coffee table. It started out good, but got boring after a while since all you were basically seeing the same thing over...and over again.

Don't get me wrong, I do love the book. It's my favorite in the series, and I enjoyed it enough to read it twice. I was hoping to enjoy the movie as well--which I sort of did in a way. To me, this movie was badly mediocre. It wasn't good enough for me to watch again, like New Moon, but not horrible enough for me to watch again to rip on like Twilight. I don't know if it was because I already knew what was happening, but I was extremely bored by this movie, and recommend that you watch it when it comes out on TV or even better a premium cable movie channel, because it was not worth it to me to see in theatres.

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