Toy Story 3

July 14, 2010
By Andres BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Andres BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I know what you’re thinking right now. I’m a teenager and am officially too old to see kids movies. I belong in theatres with adults where I can enjoy grown up “R” rated movies. Toy Story 3 is a sequel to a sequel to a movie I first watched in elementary school. If I go into that theatre, I will find it full of little children with sticky hands and their mothers sitting next to them. I am too old for this movie.

I cannot tell you just how wrong you are. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive when I first sat down in the theatre with my enormous bucket of popcorn in my arms. After all, sequels were almost never better than the original and sequels to sequels were even worse. As I put on my 3D glasses and the film began, I braced myself for two hours of cheesy phrases and immature jokes.

All I can say is that Pixar has created an all-time classic. It brings together the elements found in the first two movies and uses them to create in all of us a deep sense of nostalgia. It made me feel like a kid again and I’m pretty sure that every kid of my generation would feel the same if he or she watched this movie. This film could have very easily been cheesy and dumb but it walked the line to perfection. The jokes are timed perfectly and the serious moments are emotional and genuine.

The problem with most animated films is that it’s almost impossible to actually feel for the characters. There is no sense of love, friendship, or danger in any of the animated films one sees today. Toy Story 3 was different. One can actually feel the love that the toys have for Andy as well as for each other. These toys have been together for over a decade and there is a deep sense of comradeship among them. The bond between a child and his toys is very well done in the film and it also does a great job of showing how age can make this bond deteriorate. When the toys are in danger, one actually feels the excitement an d the thrill.

The film does tend to fly all over the place but Woody manages to keep it together with his great dialogue and his persona. The dialogue is fantastic and the comedy is refreshing. I won’t include any spoilers but the new characters in the film are drafted perfectly. The end scene could have been the cheesiest scene year but instead it managed to capture the joy of simply playing with toys and using one’s imagination.

The film is well put together and has received extremely high ratings from movie critics. If you’re a fan of the first two movies, then this one will blow you away. Although it may be more of a generational movie, it can still touch the hearts of any age group. You have to watch this movie. Go. Right now! Do it!

My rating: 9.7/10

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