The Godfather

June 29, 2010
By that_one_song SILVER, Helena, Montana
that_one_song SILVER, Helena, Montana
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The first time I saw The Godfather, I was stunned. I simply couldn't believe that any movie made in the 70's could be even close to as good as the movies coming out now like The Prince of Persia or Avatar. To this day I am still impressed with how well done the movie is.

The story begins slowly, with both Don Corleone's daughter's wedding and his godson asking him for your typical gangsta favor of beating up and "permanently retiring" some guys who had mistreated his daughter, setting the standard for the rest of the movie. As the tale progresses, the black sheep of the family, Michael Corleone( honored war veteran), slowly turns into the rest of his organized crime pals because of some tricky business with the chief of police and an uncouth narcotics dealer. In the end, Michael Corleone becomes the new Godfather, setting the plot up for another great movie or two.

I enjoyed most in this movie the timelessness, how I could watch this movie over thirty years after it was made and still feel that it was one of the greatest movies in the history of EPIC. This movie also didn't feel like it was dragging along even though it was almost three hours and you should definitely watch this movie if you like good movies.

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If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. You will also get a lot more jokes. :)

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