June 17, 2010
By kiwi_d BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
kiwi_d BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"There is no such thing as fun for the entire family!"

If you love comedy and horror, this is the movie for you. Actually, this movie is not so much about horror and violence as a story about road-trips. This movie is about what happens when the world s dominated by zombies, and the few people left (including Bill Murray!) struggle for survival, and, oddly, the last Twinkie. The movie follows Columbus (none of the characters give their real names; instead, the substitute their destinations) as he tries to find his parents to make sure they are alive. On his way, he meets country-man Tallahassee, whose is recovering from the sadness of his sons death, and is on a quest for the few remaining snack foods, namely: Twinkies!. They meet two sisters who only seem to care about each other and finally arriving at an amusement park that they used to love. Columbus and the older sister fall in love, and he must face his ultimate fear and break one of his most important 'rules' (another major plot of the story) to save her from a zombie clown. I absolutely LOVED this movie!!

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