Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

June 8, 2010
By drnova PLATINUM, Toronto, Other
drnova PLATINUM, Toronto, Other
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Life is a big game, but no one knows the rules and only madmen can play it right!

Finally, a good Harry Potter Film. It took them long enough! I mean the first three were alright with relatively good pacing but 4 just seemed a bit all over the place and 5 was horrible but granted did make me laugh when we got a shot of Voldemort opening his mouth wide, sticking his tongue out and flexing his body like he was a member of the band KISS.
However, there are a few parts of HP Number 6 that I had a problem with. First of all there are the love interests. There are so many. There’s Harry who used to be in love with Cho but is now in love with Ginny who is in love with Dean Thomas. Ron who’s Ginny’s brother doesn’t like this but at the same time he’s together with Lavender Brown at the same time that Hermione is in love with him - while this guy named McClaggen is in love with her! I had to write this down because I couldn’t memorize all this stuff. It’s like if you stuffed 10 seasons of Friends into a blender and added magic to the mix! I’d say this is like a love triangle, but geometry doesn’t do it justice! And somehow Neville Longbottom is still left out. Why does no one love Neville, he’s adorable!
Another slight problem I had with this movie is Snape. And don’t get me wrong, I loved his acting. HE fits the character very well but it’s just the way he talks for most of this movie, he just looks so BORED when he’s talking to everyone! Even when he’s about to kill Dumbledore, I swear he looks like he is about to fall asleep between sentences. In fact, a lot of these villains are a bit ‘off’. First there’s Bellatrix Lestranges, I’m sorry I cannot take her seriously, she’s just so over the top insane – which normally I would like – I mean it wouldn’t be so bad if she was just like that when she was fighting people because at that time, she is actually terrifying. But she never lets up – every single sentence she speaks is so overly dramatic. She should be a bit more subtle and reserved like Darth Vader. Come to think of it, what would happen if Darth Vader kept being over dramatic. “Luke, I am your father!!” “Nooooo...” “And Princess Leia is your sister!!!” “Noooo...wait, what!?” “And Han Solo was your ex-gardener!!!!” “What does that have to do with...?” “And Jar-Jar Binks is your father!!!!!” “I thought you were my father?”
Then, finally, there’s just one scene I’d like to talk about - and that‘s when Katie Bell gets cursed. She moves around on the ground, flies into the air and screams. And she wasn’t the only one! This scene was terrifying. Once again, I found myself sitting next to a group of 7 year olds. Granted their expressions were hilarious! But this was a scene straight out of a horror movie. Come to think of it each Harry Potter movie seems to get darker and darker - not just in plot but in colouring too. Have you noticed how everything is so shadowed and dark in this movie. I guess it is supposed to represent foreboding but in the first film everything was so colourful and bright and whimsical. It’s like someone walked in and took away all the colour. In fact, I think there was a care bear’s episode where that happened once. We should bring back the Care Bears to defeat Voldemort. His evil dark powers will be no match for the power of love and rainbows. Well, actually that’s kind of lame, but you do what you have to do to get the job done.
Overall, though I loved this movie. The quidditch scenes were amazing and there was comic relief worked throughout while also keeping a slightly dark feel to it. I also really liked delving into Voldemort’s past where we see that Voldemort used to be a little creepy kid who I swear appears in every horror movie there is.
The fight scenes are also really cool. The scenes that really kept me at the edge of my seat where the duel in the swamp and in the bathroom – the battle between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy was really well done. It was quiet and menacing – not like the usual Harry Potter fights which are over the top with explosions. This one was subtle and very foreboding.
I was a little sad that Fred and George weren’t in this movie as much. Granted they do get some pretty funny lines at the beginning. But the rest is just seeing them in the background. Mr and Mrs Weasley were pretty underplayed too, and the time we did see them was a little disappointing. When Mr Weasley turns around to see a ball of fire blasting through his house and says, “Molly!” - it sounds less like a man worrying for the life of his wife and more like someone wondering if they left the kettle on. Either way though, I really liked this movie – especially the part at the end where everyone is gathered around Dumbledore’s crumpled body. I’m not ashamed to say I got a little watery-eyed then. The emotion was just pouring off the screen and you couldn’t help feeling some of it. It also ends on a really hopeful note – with Harry, Ron and Hermione looking over the land and toward their new adventure. I’m really looking forward to the next movie.
This is Dr Nova, saying there’s a fine line between insanity and a stable mind but in order to appreciate life you have to spend it right in the middle.
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I always feel the world could use a bit more comedy. But I try to be thoughtful with what I write as well and I'm always open to suggestions and feedback! If I know what people think I can get better and make more people laugh. That's what I like to do.

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Daydreamish said...
on Feb. 10 2011 at 11:32 pm
I actually love this movie, but you had some good points there. And I was cracking up at the parts about Star Wars and Snape falling asleep between sentences. :D It is fantasy, and so the characters can get away with a little melodrama. And also saying things like, "Oh, Molly, the house is on fire. Oh, BOTHER. I HATE Mondays." :) you did make a few convincing arguments against this, though, so good job!

on Jul. 6 2010 at 7:50 am
drnova PLATINUM, Toronto, Other
21 articles 0 photos 15 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is a big game, but no one knows the rules and only madmen can play it right!

I decided to watch the movie again recently to respond to your comment adn then I re-read the book. The only time something happens that wasn't actually in the book was when the weasley's house was burned down by deatheaters. Which was, admittedly a pretty stupid move on the part of the directors. However, other than that it followed the plot of the book rather consistenytly and though I agree many good parts of it were cut out, it was probably due to time constraints. If they kept in all of the scenes I thought were rather important to the plot from the book and added them to the movie the movie would have been about one and a half hours longer and most people would probably have left the theatre because of starvation or simply go home deciding that reading the book would be more entertaining than reading this movie. Thank you very much for responding to my review  - -it is always a pleasure and I must agree that I too am looking forward to the seventh movie - --or movies since there will be two of them.

Emmaline said...
on Jul. 5 2010 at 11:47 am
I disagree with you. I don't like this moive at all. If you read the book, it is nothing like it! Which makes me mad. What's the point of a moive based on a book if they don't follow it! I hope that the seventh and final book they will follow better


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