Billy Madison

May 24, 2010
By Kacie Thomas BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Kacie Thomas BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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“I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!” This is a quote from the comedy Billy Madison, which was directed by Tamra Davis and included stars Adam Sandler (Billy), Darren McGavin (Eric), and Bridgett Wilson as Veronica Vaughn. In this hilarious film Billy Madison is in line to inherit his father’s hotel industry. However only under one condition, which is that he complete school all over again. Unfortunately for Billy he is not the brightest star in the galaxy and hasn’t done much with his life sense he dropped out of school the first time around. Despite this setback he is determined not to let his father’s business partner (Eric) steal the company, so he goes back to school. During his journey through school he ironically makes friends, and even manages to gain a girlfriend. Fortunately going through school again forces him to grow up and put his life in perspective and he hopes that all that will be enough of a reason for him to get the company. This movie is a great family film. Even though it is meant to make you laugh it has a moral behind it which is obviously to stay in school. I must say have seen this film about ten times and it will truly have you in stitches. Sandler’s stupidity is excellent and very appropriate for this film, so if you want a good laugh then watch it!

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