Tin Cup

May 20, 2010
By , Holland, MI
One of Kevin Costner’s unknown diamonds in the rough, “Tin Cup” is one of the most well known golf movies ever, right next to “Caddy Shack” and “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. A story about a washed out five star college golfer, now owning a rundown armadillo infected driving range in deserts of Texas. While at the range he still practices and has his game at a very competitive level and able to hit any shot with a bet attached to it.
Roy McAvoy, Kevin Costner’s character could have been a contender in all of golf’s major championships but he settled for a more enjoyable driving range with a till full of beer, pretzels, and golf balls. Having the guys around to chat and tell jokes was only a bonus for Roy. Now giving lessons to the sexy doctor lady, his life is about to take a hundred and eighty degree turn. This is the key person in this movie; the one that changes his whole attitude.
Back in college Roy had a rival team mate who took the game top the next level instead of the driving range route, the money is a little better on the tour. This rivals name was David. He was tall, dark and handsome, clean cut and got all the attention, the opposite of Roy. None the less, the sexy doctor lady that Roy is giving lessons to is David’s significant other. Of course while giving her lessons, he falls in love with her while teaching her the swing and they make a deal to trade services. She would be his physiatrist and he could continue to teach her the game of golf.
When David finds out about his girlfriend being around his rival he just laughs because they all know that Roy is just a run down player hanging on to the game by a thread with the driving range. So Roy is out to prove that theory wrong and beat David in the U.S. Open, one of the biggest professional golf tournaments of the year.
Tin Cup is not one of those fairytale endings, that is why it is such a great movie. The good guy still ends up ok and the bad guy sort of gets what he deserves. One of the best and well known golf movies is sure to make the non-golfer laugh hysterically. The every day golfer will laugh hysterically ass well but will also quote and act out scenes from the movie when they are on the course themselves. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience
After going through all the qualifiers and getting into the Open, he keeps up with David through out the first three rounds of the Open. Playing together in the final round, on Sunday< at the U.S. Open the two men fighting for the girl, end up in a dog fight going right down to the last few holes. In the end….Syke, you thought I was going to tell you what happened!? You are going to have to watch the movie to see what happens!

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