May 19, 2010
By Miranda Cortese BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
Miranda Cortese BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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Avatar is an enthralling and exciting joy ride from start to finish. It tells a great story of love, acceptance, and conflict among societies. It is a “do- the –right- thing” tale that everyone can enjoy, not just the science fiction fans. James Cameron, the producer, created a new “bar” for expectations in entertainment. Winning three Oscar awards, the movie set box office records across the nation, as well as awe and astonishment to its viewers.
The setting of the movie takes place on the foreign planet of Pandora, populated by human like creatures, called Na’vi. In addition to the Na’vi, there are two groups of humans on the planet; a military force, and a group of scientists. The two groups have very different motives for living on the planet. The Military force wants to strip Pandora of its rare elements, and bring them to earth were they are extremely profitable. They are the “blood diamonds” of Pandora, and the military is so thirsty for them that they don’t care weather or not they leave the planets race to die. As for the group of scientists, they are intrigued by the inhabitant race, and the environment. They would like to learn from their culture, and ways of life.
The main character is Jake Sully; a paralyzed marine who is brought in to Pandora to help both the scientists and the military. He is ecstatic to find that he will have an Avatar; which is a clone type creature of the inhabitants of Pandora
(The Na’vi). The scientists are very reluctant towards him at first. They think he is just another brute like marine who just wants to shot things, but after they take him out on his first mission as an Avatar, they see his true character. Jake soon forms a bond with the scientists, Dr. Grace Augustine, and Norm Spellman, and they use his avatar to better understand Pandora’s dominant race. Meanwhile Jake slowly detaches himself from the marine group.
During Sully’s first mission, his avatar is left behind as the group is attacked by a wild creature. Because of this, he is stranded and has to fend for himself. Doing so, he meets a member of the native race, Neytiri, who saves his life. Neytiri takes him back to her tribe, where he is eventually accepted after proving himself through initiation. This is where the problems start; as soon as Sully is accepted by the Na’vi, the scientists want him for information on Pandora’s species and things alike. While on the other hand, the military group wants him to gain trust so that they can strip the planet of its profitable elements. Conflict arises between the military group and the group of scientists due to a clash of interests.
On top of that struggle, Sully falls in love with his rescuer, Neytiri, and forms a very serious, life-long connection with her, only to cause for devastation when the military group decides that they are going to destroy the land to obtain the rare elements. These factors lead to a dramatic ending that make for a great movie.

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