Fast and Furious

May 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Fast and Furious is the most recent feature film from The Fast and The Furious trilogy. It was released in the spring 2009. It stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster. The movie is more of a sequel to the first movie than the second and third was. The second and especially the third share the movie name and not a lot more. But this film has relevance to the first movie. Fast and Furious is about Vin Diesels character trying to get revenge on a cartel mob boss because his job got his old girlfriend (Rodriguez) killed. Paul Walkers character takes interest because he works for the FBI.
A friend and I went to see this movie on a boring spring break night and the theatre was packed. We had the worst seats in the house. We sat the two furthest seats to the right and in the very first row. Due to this reason we really had no idea what was going on. A waste of $10 to say the least. As I still wanted to see this movie I saw it again in theatres. This time the place was empty and a group of us got dead center middle rowed seats, perfect.
As the movie went on, it made absolutely no sense. It made the movie almost impossible to fully understand what was going on. I have seen it probably 5 times since it got released. It took me the 5 times to really understand what was going on. The movie does an awful job explaining what is going on scene to scene. They are in a Police station one scene, then a fight, then street racing, then in Mexico, then back to the US, then to Mexico again and then it’s done. What the hell just happened?

The relationship between the two main actors in the movie also is confusing. They start off hating each due to the fact that Paul Walkers character was disliked from the first movie because he was an undercover police officer. Then at the end of the movie they travel together to Mexico and seem to be very close friends. Again they did an awful job explaining how they got closer or began to be friends.

The movie however stepped up in the car game from the previous movies. The previous movies are just filled with riced Hondas. This movie has a very deep American muscle scene and real Japanese Import Tuners. Cars include a R34 Skyline, Acura NSX, new body Subaru STi, and a Nissan 240sx. All these cars have tens of thousands of dollars in the motor and suspension as well as in exterior parts and wheels. The styling is 10000x better than the previous movies and actually had very nice cars. This is the most impressive part of the movie.

The overall experience with the movie wasn’t too great. I liked the cars,

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