May 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Recently I viewed the action packed, science fiction movie called Timeline. This movie details a journey back in time to the year of 1357, right before the major event known as The Hundred Years War. Throughout the film, the fascinating structure of the fourteenth century France lifestyle is presented. How is this time travel possible? In the movie the International Technology Corporation created a 3D fax machine. Not only can objects be faxed to different locations, but people can also be faxed to the past. However, this leads to a challenge that can destroy the innocent lives of others. A college archaeology professor gets trapped in the past. His students go on a risky mission to search for him, but they end up being caught in a historic event as they try to do this. In order to return back to the present, they are given special high technology necklaces. The necklaces tell them the amount of time they have left before they must return to the present. In case of emergency, there is a button to press on the necklace that will make them return immediately. Another neat and helpful advanced technology invention would be the touch screen control panel for the time machine. With just a simple touch, tons of information can be discovered. During the movie, I was truly amazed with the inventions I saw.

In this case, human ingenuity was a burden. Instead of helping, the time machine caused many problems, one being that it trapped someone in a totally different time period. If hundreds of people had gone in that time machine they would all have unfortunately been stuck there. If people from the present get stuck in the past, they can easily affect the future by sharing their knowledge and understanding of the world. Human ingenuity put people in danger because it caused people to get stuck in a perilous fight. Although creating new advanced technology is generally a good thing, it can sometimes complicate things.

Personally, I was not fond of this movie at all. It did have some good moments, but just not enough to draw me in. I specifically disliked how the movie mainly focused solely on fighting and violent battles. It was too much battling on horses and trying to kill people. At times, the movie was slightly hard to comprehend because I had trouble understanding the whole beginning and where and why things were happening. For example, in the very beginning, all I saw was a car that was about to run over a person in pain, and I never understood that scene. I was also upset with the lack of knowledge and explanation of the high technological machinery, as I thought that should have been the highlight of the movie. I also was unhappy with the scene where they killed some of the main characters because in my opinion, I think that the main characters should always survive in the end. However, if you like a suspenseful, human killing movie you possibly might enjoy the twisted wonders of Timeline.

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