Valentine's Day

May 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy directed by Gary Marshall and was released on February 12, 2010. This humorous movie was about various different couples trying, Morley (Jessica Alba), Reed (Ashton Kutcher), Felicia (Taylor Swift), Willy (Taylor Launter), and many others trying to have the perfect Valentine’s Day. Through commercialism, the men are pressured to give their women the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, while the women are pressured to have a man to celebrate with. Interconnections with all the character clear up what love truly is and how to keep true love.

Director Marshall was able to catch the eyes of many through his brilliant directing and all the actors, such as Kutcher, Alba, and Garner showed passion in their acting. Through out the movie, there were many laughable and funny jokes which kept the movie going and entertaining. Different scenes were touching and allowed for viewers to feel the romance which was portrayed in the movie. Director Marshall knew how to transition a humorous scene into a romantic scene, and vice versa.

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