May 14, 2010
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Isn’t high school supposed to be the time of your life? They are times of just being a kid; not having to worry about paying the bills or other adult work. Sometimes that is exactly how it goes, high school is fun and exciting and you are glad to be there. But there are those times you just want to give up and leave because things are just way to difficult. These are the feelings of the characters in the movie, Band Slam. Band Slam wasn’t top seller in box office but it was the worst either. The movie, Band Slam, was a good movie where it was still funny but had a life lesson to it.

The characters in this movie were more like the rejects in the school. Not all the popular kids, where they have tons of money to spend on whatever they feel like spending it on. These kids were the ones sticking together when all the popular ones would be there either making fun of them or disrespecting them in any way. When describing “Band Slam” at their school, Charlotte says it is as big as Texas high school big. Band Slam the movie is like any other typical high school drama filled movie, but with a little comedy.
This movie is filled with conflict. Charlotte Banks, played by Aly Michalka, was popular at one time but when he dad got sick everything changed. She thought if she changed everything about her and became a better person, her dad would get better. It is huge in their school, but usually only one band joins in it. But this year it changed because Aly and all of her new friends started a band, except it wasn’t all that great. What would high school movie be without a little bit of romantic issue? Will Burton, played by Gaelan Connell, just move to this school and had a huge crush on Sa5m played by Vanessa Hudgens. So of course Will’s friend Charlotte helped him out on trying to get her.

When there is a conflict, there is always a solution. For the first conflict about Charlotte changing, in my opinion she was better when she changed. But when her dad died then she gave up and was just going to change back but she figured out later that she shouldn’t change back because she is better off the way she is. The next issue was the band they started. It wasn’t all that great when they started but when Will become their manager, things got a whole lot better. Because he knew a lot about music, he knew what to do to make the band better. He started adding more people to the band and more interments to make it sound better. The last issue was the romantic issue; Will realized that if he is just himself that she will like him as he is real predictable right?
After I told you about the movie itself, the conflict, and the solution, I hope you realize what kind of movie it is. If it sounds like a movie you would like to watch I would say go watch it, because I liked it. No it wasn’t my favorite but it was good. Band Slam wasn’t the top seller in box office but it wasn’t the worst either. It is kind of a predictable movie but its not too predictable where you could say what’s going to be coming out of the actors mouths. If you have heard of it but just decided not to watch it I would say go watch, it could be different of what you were thinking. But if you haven’t heard of I would tell you the same thing, to go and watch it, you might just like it.

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