May 14, 2010
By K.Hunt BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
K.Hunt BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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A strange man that you have never met asks you to come and let him show you something. He leads you into a box in the ground and locks it. He tells you to get comfortable and once you’re in you can’t leave. I wonder if Susie knew that she wasn’t going to come out alive. Leaving her father, mother, sister, and brother behind to heal and find who murdered their sweet innocent Susie.

This is what happened in THE LOVELY BONES. Susie is a 14-year old girl from suburban Pennsylvania who was murdered by her neighbor. She watches over her family and friends from heaven, which is where she tells the story. She begins to see how her death affects those she loves, especially her dad. He searches non-stop for his little girl. The closer he gets to the answer, the clearer he, as well as others who search, can see her right in front of them.

Susie tries to give hints to her dad. She yells and cries and calls for him, and he hears. He listens to what she tells him and begins to become suspicious about the neighbor. Even the sister gets into a little trouble because of her gut feeling. Susie’s death caused tension in the family. Her fathers love for her is deeply shown in his search for the murderer.

I highly recommend to everyone, especially teens to go see this movie. I think teen girls will be most affected because not only is it emotional and suspenseful but it teaches a lesson. Never walk off with a strange man because you do not know where he is about to take you and because it’s common sense. It also teaches that you never know which day is your last, so make sure you say what you feel.

Based on the novel by Alice Sebold, director Peter Jackson transformed it into an edge of seat, suspense, and emotional ride of your life. Released on January 15, 2010, this movie became one of my favorites. I love how the story was told from Susie’s point of view because you get to see things that the other characters couldn’t see. There was tons of imagery when it came down to her dreams and reality mixed in “the in between” world. “In my world I knew it wasn’t perfect, my murderer still haunted me”. This is a quote that makes you quiver because although she’s dead, her murderer still lingers.

I feel that this movie has to be one of the greatest movies ever made for the simple fact that it catches your attention from the start, and it hold onto it until the very end. I give the actors an A plus because it felt so real. The emotion, drama and feeling did not seem as if it were being acted out. When you go see a movie, you want it to be believable, and The Lovely Bones does just that.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the movie itself.It gave me a sense of self and pushed me to show emotion that was deep inside.

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