Law Abiding Citizen

May 13, 2010
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On October 16 of 2009, thirty-eight thousand people arrived to a movie theater and watched a film that may have changed their views on the government and justice. Law Abiding Citizen has an amazing story-line, great ratings, and fantastic opinions.

Law Abiding Citizen is about a man named Clyde Shelton, played by Gerard Butler, who fights the government for the justice that he deserves. His wife and daughter were brutally murdered and their murderer wasn’t arrested and put in jail. Clyde Shelton is arrested for the murder of the man who committed the homicide of his wife and daughter ten years previous to their homicide. Clyde appears to be a master at murder. He has many creative ways of tricking people into his traps. He kidnaps a policeman and steals his car and uniform and stuffs the policeman in the trunk. Then he “arrests” the man that murdered his wife and daughter, but tricks him and brings him to a warehouse. At the warehouse he straps the man to a table and injects him with fluids that will paralyze him enough for him not to be able to move, but still feel pain. Next he put mirrors over him so that he can watch himself die. Clyde cuts off the guy’s arms and legs one by one using a saw. He also videotaped the murder, and the tape was sent to the house of the prosecuting attorney that did not get the murderer arrested. After the tape arrives to the prosecuting attorney’s house, the attorney’s daughter thinks that it is a tape of her dance recital and pops it into the VCR and views a terrifying homicide. While he’s in jail he continues to murder people. He doesn’t use a hit man; he does all the dirty work by himself while being locked up in a jail cell. The government tries to figure out how he is doing this action and eventually fight back.

All the fans of Law Abiding Citizen made the ratings sky rocket up to seven point two out of ten. The movie was rated R for violence, strong language, and a scene of rape. Most audiences were 17 years of age or older. Adult supervision is definitely advised.

My opinion of Law Abiding Citizen is that it is absolutely phenomenal. It is my ultimate favorite movie and I’m really glad that I had seen it. I enjoy movies that make me jump out of my seat and have me almost completely clueless as to what the main character is thinking. It is truly amazing.

I advise you to see it. The story-line is absolutely phenomenal. I told you what it is about, the ratings, and my opinion of Law Abiding Citizen. Come on, with those ratings how could you resist seeing it!

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