The Last Song

May 11, 2010
By Alexis Fowler BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Alexis Fowler BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The Last Song movie and book about a girl, Ronnie, who’s had a troubled past, she’s given up on her talents and lost her motivation in life. In the book, she gets sent over the summer to her dad’s house in a small beach town in North Carolina. In the movie, she goes to Georgia. Ronnie and her dad are both extremely talented pianist and song writers. However, their relationship was damaged when her parents divorced and she stopped playing and writing. During her stay over the summer she meets and falls in love with a boy named Will. He is her opposite, a respectful, rich, southern boy. He completely changes her back to her old ways and everything else falls in to place from there. She mends back all of her damaged relationships with her family too. They’re both are leaving after summer for college and don’t know what will happen with them. This summer ends up being her most life changing summer, through family struggles, personal struggles, and relationship with Will.
The movie and book have almost all of the same main points; I think the movie is great because it’s just like the book. Instead of taking out events from the book, they’re combined with other events in the movie. They’re few differences in the book however, like the location. In the book, Ronnie has more encounters with Blaze and the good deed she did for Blaze was give her money to start a life without Marcus. In the book, the good deed she did for Blaze was help Will save her from burning. There is also one character in the book that isn’t in the movie, Pastor Harris. They show a little more of Ronnie’s dad’s religious views, and I think that is why Pastor Harris is in the book. The main thing that is different is the ending, but there is still the same concept. In the book, Will goes to Vanderbilt and Ronnie goes back to New York to try out for Julliard. Will ends up transferring to Columbia after the first semester and surprises Ronnie in New York. In the movie, Will never goes to Vanderbilt, he goes straight to Columbia and Ronnie doesn’t have to try out for Julliard-she was automatically accepted. The last difference is the length of her dad’s sickness; it’s longer in the book.
I think the movie and book were great because they were kept really similar. I would recommend the movie and book to mostly all girls twelve and older. The movie and book are both more on the girls side. Although it’s more a girl’s movie and book, guys might also enjoy this as well. The Last Song book is told from many of the characters views and it’s not all from a girl’s perspective. The Last Song movie and book, to me, is the best book turned into a movie; the book alone was already great.

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on Jun. 15 2010 at 2:24 pm
ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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I agree with nick101902 'cause that's definately not the movie poster for this movie. I do love your review though. I did completely enjoy and love the movie. It was amazing and I even cried a little bit too.

on May. 26 2010 at 3:28 pm
nick101902 BRONZE, Lansing, Michigan
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The picture does not match the movie i saw the movie poster and that is not it!!!!!


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