clash of the titians (2010)

April 30, 2010
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Clash of the Titians (2010)

Modern day clash of the Titians the movie is one of the best ticket selling movies of 2010. The might be able to sell a lot of tickets in my opinion just because the producers had the movie in 3D. I went to see the to compare it to the original yes I did see it in 3D but the story board is what I’m looking for when I go to the movies and pay 17 dollars to see a movie.

The casting in the movie was chosen well by director Louis Leterrier but the change in the story board from the original film in 1981 was done badly the whole movie is a revenge love story slammed into an action packed film. Don’t get me wrong the special effects were amazing but that’s all the audience goes to the movies anymore to see is the special effects. Sam Worthington as Perseus is a brilliant young actor at the age of 33 he’s been in films since 2000 to present this film has defiantly help his career fully blossom. Gemma Arterton played Io a woman cursed with agelessness was absolutely amazing in the production she followed around Perseus since his birth knowing he was demi-god. There were two main gods Zeus and Hades both brothers but one is the god of the underworld and one is the leader of the gods of Mount Olympus. Liam Neeson as Zeus was a highlight sparkling character through out the whole movie to show of his godliness. Liam played the part well acting like a king on a perched throne looking of the world he created. Ralph Fiennes as Hades played a scary short devilish monster from the underworld with the same blood as Zeus. Hades always had a black mist lingering around him like dense morning fog which gave him a nice effect in the film. Mads Mikkelsen played Draco, the leader of the Praetorian Guards.
Louis Leterrier the Frenchman director is known for directing the films The Transporter (2002) Unleashed (2005) Transporter 2 (2005) The Incredible Hulk (2008) Clash of the Titans (2010). This French doesn’t understand what the true Americans saw in the original film in 1981. The movie that Louis admired growing up is now one of the movies that he admits he just screwed up. As he quoted to Vanity Fair “Oh, yeah. It’s funny, every movie I make I say “no” to at first. I didn’t want to do a remake, first of all. And I didn’t want to do a remake of a movie I loved growing up. It’s true that it’s the first movie I saw—I saw it before Star Wars. Not the first movie, but the first movie where creatures interact with actors. And it was like the magical universe of Disney that I was used to, but that was different because it was drawn; this was brand new.” In this interview with Vanity Fair he knows he screwed up but in the end he also knew he won with box tickets.
It’s sad how the new 3D effect in the movie lour people in to see a movie that they know absolutely about. They go for only the purpose of effect from 3D if you’re going to see a movie that has been remade you should probably of seen the original. The original is a classic if it should have been remade it should have been absolutely the same as the original film. The story board and the plot is the only reason I go to the movies because that’s all that is important. The plot is what catches people’s attention the 3D shouldn’t be why people go to the movies. In the end I would not recommend this to a friend and I’m not recommending it to you.

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