Clash of the Titans

April 18, 2010
By ShaunShaefron BRONZE, Farmington Hills, Michigan
ShaunShaefron BRONZE, Farmington Hills, Michigan
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In the ancient city of Argos, the citizens have grown tiresome of the cruel punishments of the Greek mythological gods. Perseus, a young demigod son of Zeus and a mere mortal, happens to be sailing by with his adopted family when Zeus unleashes his wrath on the city of Argos for knocking over a statue of him. When the rest of his family is killed, he vows revenge on Hades.

So the rest of the book, Perseus basically spends his time looking for Medusa so that he can slice off her head and use it to turn Hades's sea beast, the Kraken, to stone, saving the princess of Argos.

Right off the bat the movie gives off a mysterious, fateful vibe by showing Perseus and his dead mother in a casket being picked up by a fisherman. Almost instantly you're hopping up and down in your seat going, "Whoa! Dude, did you just see what that harpy did to that guy's head?"

Clash of the Titans is defined by its action. Most of the battle sequences keep your attention effectively, with clashing sword fights that, although they may remind you a little too much of Pirates of the Caribbean, still have you biting your teeth at some spots.

One thing the movie lacked was originality in its characters. At some times, rather than coming across as badass, Perseus seemed a little stupid and angry, like Anakin in the 3rd Star Wars episode. Most of the characters lacked a real personality other than their deep hatred for the gods, except for one minor character that made several jokes. Then again, how original CAN you make Perseus?

But the movie makes up for its lack of character depth with its nonhuman characters; well, except for Zeus. Zeus was portrayed at first as a total tool, but then towards the end of the film he became a good guy, but you still felt like punching him because of his huge ego. However, I must commend the film for its portrayal of the Stygian Witches, Medusa, and the Kraken. The witches were amusing but at the same time creepy. Medusa was portrayed the right way for once, pretty ugly and sneaky, not beautiful and elegant like in The Lightning Thief. And when the Kraken bellowed, it was sheer awesomeness.

The movie also had a good enough plot. Nothing amazing and unique, but at least it made sense, unlike some. There were a few minutes where you thought, "Really? Seriously, he survived?" But it was by no means a peaceful movie.

In the end, even of Clash of the Titans may be a bit predictable, and flawed with its characters, you have fun watching it. It's one of those movies that you probably won't remember as one of your favorites, but when you're watching it you'll enjoy it.

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