George Washington Slept Here

April 18, 2010
Based on the popular play of the same name, George Washington Slept Here actually has very little to do with the titular founding father. The film is quite hard to find as well, as the film didn't necessarily do well financially or critically. While I thought the film was only so-so, if one is really interested in seeing the film, you may be able to catch it on classic movie channels such as Turner Classic Movies.

The film follows Bill and Connie Fuller, a young couple who find themselves getting kicked out of the hotel they live in. Having to find a new home quick, Connie buys a dilapidated farmhouse that, according to local legend, George Washington slept in during the American Revolution. The typical comedy ensues as the couple tries to adapt to their new life.

In terms of performances, I found the couple playing Bill and Connie (Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan) to be absolutely charming. Anybody could have played these characters and made them unlikable, but the chemistry and rich performances by these great actors make the characters just so lovable. The supporting cat is pretty good as well, though none can hope to compare to the performances given by Benny and Sheridan.

As for the rest of the film, everything just seems to fall flat. The script's not that funny, the pacing becomes a mess not too far into the film, and the entire concept loses steam fast as the film progresses. It's disappointing, as the movie starts out so promising. Sadly, though, the film does indeed become "just another pedestrian comedy" around the 40-minute mark.

There's really not too much to say about the film, other than what's already been said.George Washington Slept Here had some quality aspects going for it. Charming leads, interesting concept, and it's nicely shot to boot. However, a mediocre script and poor pacing mar the film to the point where George Washington just becomes a so-so comedy.

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