The Blind Side

April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

“Please turn off your cell phones, or adjust for no light or no sound, thank you and enjoy the movie.” Came roaring from behind the huge white sheet frightening me horribly. The title screen came on for the film. “The Blind Side” appeared within seconds, chills ran up my spine and I got vibes from the title screen, knowing in my heart this movie would touch me in many different positive ways.
“The Tuohys” the main family in The Blind Side is a very wealthy family who is the dream American family who you would expect to have everything. The Tuohys have two children who attend a very high achieving and expensive school. When one day a very large African American boy, Michael Oher, from the West Memphis projects shows up at the school, the teachers and athletic directors are immediately drawn to his size and kindness.
John Lee Hancock is the director of this extraordinary movie. John Lee Hancock won an award in Character and Morality in Entertainment Awards. The novel, The Blind Side was written by Michael Lewis. The novel and the movie follow the same plot.
Sandra Bullock plays the main lead roll as the wife as the Touhy family. Sandra Bullock has played in many big films like The Proposal, and my personal favorite The Lake House. Sean Tuohy is the husband in the Tuohy family; Sean is played by Tim McGraw. Tim McGraw is also a very famous Country music star and also stared in Flicka, and Driven.
The Tuohys see Michael wondering around the school looking lost almost everyday. Driving home from dinner one night, the Tuohy’s see Michael walking down the street in nothing but a drenched t-shirt with dirty and worn shorts in the dead of winter. The Tuohys invited Michael to stay at their house without one ounce of hesitation. Michael soon becomes a very important person in Leigh Anne Tuohy’s life. She soon thinks of Michael as another son. Leigh Anne takes time to clear out a room for Michael to stay in, as they walk in she says, “Here Michael, a room to yourself”
“I’ve never had one”
“What? A room to yourself?”
“A bed”. This conversation touched Leigh Anne deep down in her heart. He is soon a star football player for the school that the Tuohy children attend, and is a very popular student there that everyone is friends with.
Stepping in front many people inside of the packed theater, the crinkling of popcorn bags and slurping the last drops of a Slurpee pound my ears. Butter, overpowering sent of burnt popcorn drowned the air, recognizing the scene of a movie theater right away. The cleaned blood drenched colored walls talk and tells those non-stop talking teenage girls to shut up. Ruffles in a beautiful prom dress mimic those of the soft red walls. The most chosen Slurpee Wild Cherry the right amount of sweet and sour tastes combined suffocate all my senses but smelling through my nostrils. Walking through a maze of a million feet to my destination, the red velvety chair seemed like a last level game. Finally arriving to my seat, I sit down, my body weight crashing into the chair with force, so excited to witness the actions of stars!
I know this is going to sound crazy but a conversation within my mind with myself appears when the screen goes night to tell the credits.
“Wow that was breathtaking”
“Sure was!”
“I just wish there would’ve been more to the ending”
“Yes, that would’ve been nice but either way, I’ll never forget this movie.”
“Inspiring! Would I ever do something that extraordinary?”
“Sure I would.”
“Well, would I really, maybe, maybe not.”
“But if you think about it, taking someone in and letting them live with you is a very inspirational and extreme thing to do, especially to someone who you don’t even know.”
The Character Michael Oher is played by Quinton Aaron. Quinton Aaron is a very gifted actor. Quinton Aaron got 3 nominations and played in several great movies.

The Blind Side is absolutely, hands down the best movie I’ve ever seen. It has won the Screen Actors Guild award, Golden Globes USA, Academy Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association award, and Phoenix Film Critics Society award. That’s many awards and many nominations. I recommend this movie to anybody! Many people agree with me and believe that what the Tuohy’s do in this movie is amazing and inspirational, but ask yourself is that only because 98% of people today would not even think of doing something like this.
You will be astonished at the change in Michael Oher so go see this movie already and enjoy it!

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