New Moon

March 29, 2010
By princeofsparx DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
princeofsparx DIAMOND, Manhattan, New York
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When Twilight first came out, I was one of those people who had no idea what the movie was about. I knew that the movie was based around a popular book series, but it looked too clique for me to actually like. My friends were apparently crazy about the movie, most of them planning to see it at least two or three times after it was released. One day, I went to the theater in hopes to see Bolt, but saw Twilight instead due to conflicting movie times. I surprisingly ended up loving the movie and everything about it. The topic of forbidden love hit a deep chord in my body, giving me chills in places I never thought I would feel before. The fact that the plot was based around vampires and werewolves made the experience forever more magical. When New Moon was planned for release, I pre-ordered tickets for the first day of its release.
In the second installation of the Twilight Saga: New Moon, Bella and Edward are finally together with their differences put aside. When Bella's 18th birthday party takes an ill turn, Edward forces himself to leave the one he's always loved in fear that his family's presence will hurt Bella, or better yet kill her. Before he leaves, he begs her not to do anything dangerous while he's gone. Bella is absolutely heartbroken by his leave and once again, closes her shell that Edward had once attempted to open. On a silent night out, Bella is taunted by a motorcycle gang and the closer she gets to them, she sees Edward telling her to stop, telling her to be safe. She realizes that when she puts herself in danger, that is the only way she will see Edward. To increase her chances of being in danger, Bella asks her friend Jacob to fix two broken motorcycles for her. The more time Bella spends with Jacob, she discovers that she may have hidden feelings for him too. The only thing keeping her away from him is the hope that Edward will once again come back for her. In one more attempt to see Edward, Bella jumps off a cliff into the deep waters. She drowns with a calm look as she sees Edward besides her, but is pulled back into reality as Jacob rescues her. Bella feels so free around Jacob that when he suddenly disappears, she feels the same emotion of lonliness that Edward once put upon her. She finally forces herself into Jacob's house to ask why he has disappeared and realizes that he is a part of a legacy of werewolves. All the pieces of the puzzle finally makes sense to Bella as she is saved by Jacob in his werewolf form when she's attacked by the leader of the pack. Since Jacob's secret has now been exposed, he makes a vow to Bella that he will always protect her. He promises her that he will never leave her like Edward did. Bella begins to find comfort in Jacob until Edward's sister Alice comes. Alice is able to tell the future and when she saw Bella jump off the cliff, she believed that Bella had committed suicide. Alice also warns Bella that because Edward believes that she is dead, he is going to the Venturi, a powerful vampire family to get himself killed. Alice and Bella race against time as they try to stop Edward from killing himself. Jacob tries to stop Bella from going, reminding her that once she is back with the vampires, he is no longer able to protect her. He realizes that his bond with Bella was not as close as he thought when Bella makes it clear to him that she will always choose Edward, no matter what happens. Jacob is heartbroken and runs away, only wanting Bella to love him as she did Edward. If Edward is saved in the end remains a mystery as you moviegoers will have to go watch the movie for yourself to find out. Overall, I enjoyed the sequel a lot because it reminded me of love, friendship, loyalty and much more. The movie brought me back to my past, back to the small issues that we never looked back on. As each scene progresses, the characters develop complex relationships with each other and the whole series almost becomes interrelated. In the first movie, I think that everyone was probably team Edward. Watching the sequel and seeing how Bella and Jacob's relationship has grown, I think that most fans are probably now caught between which team to root for. I know that I definitely was. The only negative comments I have to add is that the Cullens family was not in the movie long enough. I saw them in only three scenes and they disappeared until the end of the movie. Also, I felt that Bella and Jacob did not have enough "special" moments to really create a suspense that the two of them may actually be together after all. In the end, the positives outweighed the negatives and I definitely had a great time watching the movie. It's honest and action-packed, but also provides a jumble of emotions for those of us with soft hearts. This movie had everything from the short quirky lines that make us laugh to the innocent somber scenes that makes us teary-eyed. I definitely recommend everyone to go and see New Moon.

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