Day of The Dead (2008)

March 27, 2010
By TheGothicGunslinger ELITE, Lakeland, Florida
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Here's the pitch: The film is a remake of a zombie movie, directed by the guy who directed a sequel to Friday The 13th. Not the original, mind you, just a sequel. Throw in the fact that Nick Cannon is a main character, and you've got the obvious recipe for a bad movie. What were they thinking? More importantly, what was George Romero thinking letting this man handle the original material like this?

The film, a remake of the original 1980's Day of The Dead, follows a group of survivors after a mysterious outbreak occurs in a small town in Colorado. Contained of a variety of people, including military members and normal teenagers, the group must try to survive the impending zombie apocalypse as scoiety collapses around them.

Does it sound familiar at all? Oh yeah, that's right, that's the plotline of virtually every zombie movie ever made. It can be done well, don't get me wrong, but this movie follows the formula so much that the film becomes unbearably unoriginal. I've seen the quarantines before, I've seen the upstanding individual before, I've seen the zombie expert before, etc etc. It doesn't cover any new ground whatsoever, plus the characters are all about as deep as a puddle of water. Why should I care about such & such? Why should it bother me if this character dies?

The visuals aren't anything spectacular either. Seriously, I've seen student films that look and sound better than 2008's Day of The Dead. Add in how easy it is to get a hold of an HD camera these days, and the visuals are kind of boring. The zombie, also, look really terrible. Not only do they evolve from man to zombie in a few seconds flat, but they look more like people with really bad sunburns rather than zombies.

I don't usually mention casting a lot, but it's an utter disaster here. Nick Cannon? Mena Suvari? Ving Rhames? Really? These casting choices are just completely random and make a mockery of very talented people, such as Suvari who previously starred in the amazing American Beauty.

Also, don't even get me started on the contradiction to 'zombie law' in this movie. I'm alright with running zombies, they don't bother me too much, but this film just brings about some very ridiculous ideas here. Vegetarian zombies?! WHAT? What is this?! Zombies eating OTHER zombies? Did the scriptwriter know anything about zombies? At all?

Terrible sums up the Day of The Dead remake completely. Terrible characters, terrible cinematography, terrible casting, terrible acting, etc. and so forth. To put it simply, I hated this movie.

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