March 27, 2010
By TheGothicGunslinger ELITE, Lakeland, Florida
TheGothicGunslinger ELITE, Lakeland, Florida
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From dark comedies to thrilling noirs, the Coen brothers have covered a variety of topics in their films. Regardless of the topic, though, each film has this certain quality and style about it that can only come from a Coen brothers' film - Fargo is no exception.

The film follows a large ensemble cast, ranging with characters such as a knucklehead car salesman, a pregnant police officer, two low-brow criminals, and more. The setting of the film, Minneapolis, Minnesota, is prominently featured in the film as well, to the point where the scenery almost features as a character itself. The culture, the accents, all of it somehow impacts the characters and their decisions, for better or for worse.

The characters are fantastically written, as to be expected out of a Coen brothers film. There's little I didn't love about them, their conversations, their traits, their flaws, the film just has a very 'human' feeling to it. Whether it be Jerry's stuttering habits, Marge's strong accent, Norm's sleepy attitude, or Carl's insistent chattering, these characters are all lovable and entertaining in their own way. It's truly a character-orientated film, and for that I love Fargo.

The visuals are also quite fascinating. They don't incorporate any special lenses or effects, instead relying on simple shots and geometrical patterns. It's so effective in its simplicity though, that one can't help but love it. The use of color is also very interesting, with the red colors of blood nicely contrasting with the white wastelands of snowy Minnesota.

The pacing's great, with the focus on the characters easily recognizable. It can, admittedly, drag in a few bits, however. It never drags to the point of undesirability, but it's still quite noticeable. Besides this, the only other complaint I had was that a few of the minor characters were pretty weak. This is somewhat to be expected, but it really stands out when compared to the brilliant performances given by people like Frances McDormand or Steve Buscemi.

Though Fargo has a few flaws that keep it form being fantastic, it's still a great film through and through. Dark, thrilling, grisly, character-driven - it's exactly what'd you expect from the Coen brothers.

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